5 June 2017

Singapore 27.05.17 - 28.05.17

Whilst in Melaka we made a spontaneous decision to hop over the bridge to Singapore for a whirlwind 24 hour visit. It may only be a 4 hour bus ride from Melaka, but it's a world away from Malaysia (from what we've seen so far) and certainly the likes of Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao and India! We felt like aliens stepping onto a clean and shiny metro. After 7 months of mostly tuk tuks, smelly coaches and dirt tracks everything felt so big and robotic, and we felt so unclean. A kind of culture shock that we definitely weren't expecting! After a shower and change into our cleanest clothing we were ready for our 24 hours of city fun. Initially we were worried this wouldn't be enough, now used to factoring in over time for the inevitable to go wrong. But with all the mod cons available we soon remembered just how easy everything can be. Singapore was the perfect place to get a taste of the flash packer lifestyle on a back packer's budget as there is an unusual amount to do for free or priced variably. We spent most of our time just wondering the high rise filled streets in awe of their futuristic feel, and of course window shopping in the many luxurious shopping malls. We also enjoyed exploring the Botanical Gardens, a cultural dance performance down on the waterfront and wondering various art galleries all free of charge. However, there was one attraction we couldn't miss out on - The Cloud Dome. It's part of The Gardens By Bhe Bay complex, which is amazingly all priced separately so we could chose to pay for only one entrance ticket as well as wonder around the outside of the others for free. The Cloud Dome is a man made ecosystem featuring a huge mountain and waterfall; it was absolutely breathtaking and one of the best things we've done. Singapore was an incredible experience that has definitely got us thinking about what direction our next trip might take... 

Singapore in Ten (twelve because I couldn't choose) Photographs

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