4 June 2017

Melaka 23.05.17 - 27.05.17

Our first stop in Malaysia was Melaka, a place best described as a 'chocolate box town' that could bring out the inner photographer in just about anyone. Colourful street art, Portuguese colonial buildings, yummy street food and a cosy coffee shop on every corner it was a truly wonderful introduction to this beautiful country. What I particularly loved about Melaka was the celebration and coming together of cultural variations, race and religion both. For example, on the street we stayed on there was a Hindu Temple, Buddhist Temple, Mosque and just opposite across the river a church all within 200m of each other. This cultural blend originates from a long history of colonialism by the British, Dutch, Portuguese and for a short time the Japanese before Malaya gained independence in 1957. Although colonialism is perhaps not something to be celebrated, what was clear to see was how much more vibrant and accepting of diversity this town is for being home to such a wide array of people. The result seemingly a huge focus on creativity and a community that works together and supports each other. A great example of this was the weekend night market. Although not much took our fancy (we nick-named Melaka Queen of tat) it was amazing to see how much of the local community gets involved. Shops, restaurants and cafes set up pop-up stalls all along 'Jonker Walk' from 6pm-11pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The atmosphere was buzzing with an equal mix of tourists and locals enjoying the goings on. We spent four days exploring Melaka by a mixture of foot and bicycle, buy regretfully didn't quite make it onto one of those lovely 'tri-shaws'... 

Ten Photographs from Melaka 

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