14 June 2017

Langkawi 01.06.17 - 14.06.17

After a horrendous ferry crossing we arrived on Langkawi with plans to stay for 5 sand, salt and sun orientated days; but, after laying eyes on our riverside wooden stilt house I knew we would be island bound for the ramainder of our trip. Two weeks later and I'm sat here, legs bathed in golden sunlight and feet dangling over the river thinking tomorrow has come far too quickly. We've had two weeks of pure bliss, aside from meeting up with our lovely friends Jack and Frida a few times we've pretty much lazed our way through our final days of this unkempt and gleeful reality. We applied for a few jobs each (eek!), spent time writing, reading and noshing on juicy fresh fruit and scrambled egg (we have been limited to microwave cooking!). The most excitement we've had for 2 weeks came in the form of a lovely lizard that decided to pay us a visit a few days ago, who we chased out the door with a fishing net. Tomorrow we fly to Kuala Lumpur, then just a few days later we board our flight to Heathrow, marking the end of this first chapter of adventures. Whilst we've been here, I've spent some time writing a final, very honest blog piece that will be with you shortly. For now, ten photographs from our time on Langkawi... 

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