18 March 2017

Northern Road Trip // Week One 12.03.17 - 19.03.17

We are one week into our Vietnamese road trip adventure! So far, so good. Despite the forecast promising storms every day since we left the weather has been on our side, the sun has been shining and not a drop of rain thus far. The roads have varied quite dramatically, from multi-lane highways to steep and narrow gravel pathways it feels like we've seen the best and the worst already. The times when I have felt most uneasy have been, paradoxically when I have been most in awe. Our highest climb so far is 1,648 metres above sea level. Winding down the mountains through herds of water buffalos and the odd lorry is nerve-rackingly incredible, with every curling corner comes a new spectacular perspective on the dramatic surrounding scenery. What's more, our route has taken us though numerous small mountain villages where many of the women and girls still wear the beautiful traditional tribal clothing we learnt about in Hanoi. I love catching snippets and frames of daily life and goings on of these peoples' worlds, so far from our own. Some sights have not been so kind on the eye, animals are often killed, gutted and displayed for sale street side; dogs and cats included. We've just about got to grips with ordering food, the rural 'restaurants' are more like canteens. They have a certain amount of dishes available you can order from, usually meat, tofu, veg, egg, clear soup and rice or noodles - google translate has had to come to the rescue at times! There isn't an awful lot to do during the evening in the places we've stopped so far, but early nights are welcomed as the concentration whilst driving seems to be wiping us both out (pothole, pothole, buffalo, bus, pothole...). To sum up the first week in short it's been jaw dropping, eye opening and intense! Here are ten images from the journey so far...

I've been keeping a daily log of our progress on the 'current location' page, as well as adding to my photographic collection of 'things on bikes' (an excellent co-driver hobby). Check it out by clicking the tabs above at the top of the page ^^^  

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