2 March 2017

Photos 08.02.17 - 03.02.17

Living in suburban Asia was never part of our plan. Rural maybe, but suburban doesn't quite have the same appeal. I remember feeling so disheartened listening to our taxi driver ask local after local where the centre was, as we struggled through what felt like a  weary estate in the pitch black. Tomorrow we leave  Linh for the last time, and Lucy three weeks ago is shocked to be saying she's feeling a little emotional. We have been welcomed and cared for with open arms by every last person in this funny old place. Some bestowing an overwhelming sort of kindness that we will carry with us for a lifetime. Goodbye  Linh, we will remember you fondly for these things among many others...

Mê Linh in Ten Photographs


Your local festival...
...and how much you all love it!
Your gorgeously happy children.  
Even when they threaten to hit us with a giant stick! 

The food! And your 'stick it all in the middle and try a bit of everything' approach. 
Walking along the motorway to get to the local supermarket. (Sorry Parents, there's no other way!)
Your neighborhood trust, 'here's next doors baby, hold her for a minute'. 
Four hour karaoke marathons, for £3 each.
Your amazing pride, and utter willingness to involve us in your culture. 

Although tomorrow we wave goodbye to Mê Linh, we still have one last blow out with the Everest gang this weekend. We have been invited to a wedding!  Eight months ago a member of staff and a volunteer fell in love, and they'll be tying the knot this Saturday. All current volunteers are invited to attend, with four of the boys asked to be groomsmen - Dod included. Excitement doesn't cover it!

Thank you and goodbye for now Mê Linh ♥ !

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