22 November 2016

Poems 23.11.16

Three poems for the people of India


Hot pot bubbling 
Friends gather, a quick pitstop
Hot sweet tea for all. 


For the women of India 

She walks with purpose  
Her head held high and her face determined 

She dresses with pride 

Her bare skin breaths free and alive 

She is tenacious 

Her words sung with no caution 

She smiles and laughs loudly

Her thirst for life above all else 


Cash Crunch Blues 

10 0'Clock news brings a surprise, 
We must fight black money, all rise!
500 and 1000 notes will be no more,
For the people of India hard times are in store.

A withdrawal cap of 4000 per day, 

Food, rent, bills - how will we pay? 
Another morning another dash,
By midday every ATM out of cash.

Shop keepers worry to no end, 

With no money, people can't spend. 
The government pose a new 2000 note,
But who will have enough change in their float?

As tourists join the cash point queue,

Kind locals say 'please go through'.
Not quite the the holiday we had in mind,
But no doubt an experience we won't be leaving behind.

In times like these it's important to remember, 

To have patience and keep our temper.
To support each other, we endeavour... 
After all, we are in this together. 

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